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Government of Alberta

Official Events

September 1 Celebrations
AlbertaSpirit was a celebration of Alberta’s 100th birthday on September 1st, 2005. A total of ten communities hosted celebrations including simultaneous fireworks displays, and great Alberta entertainment.

Alberta Tracks
A tour bus filled with Alberta performers rolled into ten communities during September and October, keeping the centennial celebrations going.

Canada Day
Canada Day 2005 was a great opportunity for communities, towns and cities across Alberta to celebrate both the nation’s and the province’s birthday in a big way.

Celebrate Alberta Kick-Off Party
Alberta's Centennial Birthday countdown to September 1 started May 23, 2005 - Victoria Day holiday.

Royal Visit
Albertans were delighted to host the Queen from May 23 to 25 as part of Alberta's centennial celebrations in 2005.

Alberta Scene
Over 600 Alberta artists were featured in this festival that ran in April-May 2005.